We Fight to Win in Civil Court

We Fight to Win in Civil Court

Tell us about your dispute

You don't want your attorney caving under pressure. Rest easy knowing the Law Offices Of Richard D. Mirsky, LLC won't back down. Our firm takes an aggressive approach to civil litigation cases.

Meet with attorney Mirsky before taking legal action. Let him know...

  • Who you're planning to sue
  • What your dispute is about
  • What's at stake

From there, he can develop a strong legal strategy to use in court. Call 301-943-7469 now to schedule an appointment.

You can't do this alone

It's hard to win when you're representing yourself. You'll be glad you have attorney Mirsky in your corner. He boasts decades of experience and countless happy clients.

No need to scour the internet to uncover attorney Mirsky's reputation. Read the Testimonials page now to see what clients have to say about their experiences.