Avoid Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

Avoid Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

Here's what we can do about your problem tenant

You're not the only property manager with a problem tenant. Don't give your company bad press by violating your tenant's rights. Discuss your landlord-tenant dispute with the lead attorney at the Law Offices Of Richard D. Mirsky, LLC so you can do right by the law.

Attorney Mirsky has extensive experience representing commercial property owners and property management companies. Like your tenant, many of their tenants have...

  • Failed to pay rent
  • Overstayed their welcome
  • Broken the lease agreement

Using an unlawful detainer is a legal way to evict your problem tenant. We can file a complaint with the local court and serve your tenant court documents.

Start the process by contacting attorney Mirsky today.

What rights do tenants have?

Has your landlord forced you out of your property without a court order or failed to give you an eviction notice? That's illegal, and you should stand up for your rights.

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